Maybe you do not beleive it , but we are confident …..although it may not sound so to you.

We wonder why there is so much hypocrisy among the appointed .

It seems obvious that if they didn’t behave in such a way , they wouldn’t advance on their career.

This means that in order to understand this problem , we need to get to the bottom and find out the root cause for it.

We don’t want to beleive that they are making fun of us on purpose. We think that behind such a behavior there is a complicated system of fharisaic formalities which bottle up a real progress.

Maybe someone is already saying: Jehovah will see to that. He will , and we do trust in it , too.

Yet this reminds us of Isaiah 59:16, and we wonder if this waiting for Jehovah to get indignant , is what He really wants. Jehovah is instead surprised that nobody intervenes when the appointed do not do their duty.

Does waiting for Jehovah’ s justice really mean let them substitute God’s justice for their own profits? Do they do it even on purpose?

We don’t know but considering Jehovah’s disapproval of hypocrisy , it doesn’t come out in favor of them.

Yet we do remain optimistic, anyway, for, first of all, in the last analysis, nobody is superior to God.


The Latent Resistance

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