Jehovah witnesses, I have a dream…


I want to see a day when I will not find a check box with “hours” on the service report and when there will not be “hourly quotas” to pioneer.

I would like to see the brothers free to greet those that are no longer Jehovah’s Witnesses, if simply out of common courtesy; the freedom of each person’s conscience dictating whether to say “bless you” to a sneeze or “cheers” to the clink of a glass.

Oh to see the removal from our list of doctrines, that Jesus died on a pole and not a cross. (I could care less what the “Stauros” looked like). At the very least, I would like to limit the “estetics or folklore” to distinguish ourselves from other religions, but that in reality have no spiritual content….. and the elimination of the habit of forcing language to suit our needs. (for example “when we die we return to the same condition of inexistence before our birth”, what absurdity! –to support the teaching of the immortality of the soul, they go and perpetrate an opposite falsehood, that the dead “exist” only in God’s eyes, simply that the dead are not conscious ?????????

To summarize, I dream of greater freedom concerning secondary issues; the true freedom of conscience that will not “sanction” me once I exercise it. In other words I would like a serious application of Romans 14:3,4 without worrying about someone else’s “strict” conscience.
I yearn to see mature brothers treated as such and not to be treated as children that need to be kept in “daycare” so they can play “safely”.
I want less stress and “prevention”. I want to trust that Holy Spirit will guide me. (If someone has to watch my every step, of what use is the Holy Spirit to me? (And then skinning knee, metaphorically speaking is not a tragedy—-thank goodness)

I want the concept of “being exemplary” different than a diving suit that disnatures and renders one artificial. We need only to think of Peter’s talk at Pentecost, how full of spirit and only 50 days prior he had denied publicly Jesus; why the Lord looked on, and yet Peter remained an apostle and elder even when he behaved badly denouncing Paul publically. If Peter was an elder today would he would remain an elder and would he safeguard his “exemplary being”?
Then there is Paul that came to an almost fist fight with Barnabas, yet Paul was totally wrong (It appears that Paul had anger issues).
Today an appointed elder that commits a serious sin, even once, will be removed even if he is remorseful and he cannot be reappointed for three years. If he is disfellowshipped and then reinstated than he wait 5 years—-a far cry from 50 days.
This is why some are pushed to keep their diving suit on instead of making confession. (….but wait a minute other instructions say that if one commits a sin and the sin comes to light 2 years later but Jehovah’s blessing seems to be on him…then he is not removed at all…..)
In short, there are some human wrinkles in the present administration of sin but when these become “known”, these should be dealt to reflect the ways of the Christ and judge the way he would judge.
James says to confess to one another until we are whole…..many would confess willingly if only they were sured they would not remain crippled for years and have their “white robe” tainted by others (from constant gossip)

I will wait for this dawn if ever it will come.”……..

Quiet now it was only a dream .



3 thoughts on “Jehovah witnesses, I have a dream…”

  1. I pray that dream comes true Friend. I particularly pray for a time when one is not disfellowshipped for simply holding a different opinion of a non-doctrinal issue, and that disfellowshipping is NOT used as a means of coercion and control. I also dream of a time when people are disfellowshipped for blatant defiance of the BIBLE’S TEACHINGS, not because of headquarters endless rules and regulations. Smoking, greeting a disfellowshipped person, (I know of a case of someone being disfellowshipped because they continued to chew gum in the Kingdom Hall after the CO decided gum chewing was disrespectful – disobedience to theocratic rules) I dream of a time where one is not looked down on for having or pursuing a college education, or having interests/hobbies that don’t revolve around meetings and field service. I long for a time when one is not looked down on for not being a pioneer or ministerial servant, or elder, or aux. pioneer, when the unspoken cast system is done away with. Yes, my friend. I too have a dream. Finally, I dream of the Scripture being fulfilled where we are All Sons and DAUGHTERS of Jehovah God, and not simply ‘friends of God’.

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